Your Hosts

Erika Garcia & Sarah LaBarre - Owner-Operators

Welcome to the Arbor! 

Erika & Sarah  are the new owners of this beautiful property as of mid-August 2016.  Their bio (and photo) will appear here shortly, as soon as they have time to catch their breath!


Linda & Stephen Hayes - Past Owners

Moving to Charleston, SC from Columbus, OH in ’90 and missing the fall season that first year, wewandered up toward Hendersonville & Asheville to see fall colors….a little lost we rounded a curve and found ourselves in the most amazingly beautiful place we’d ever seen, and incredible as it was, we found even more unbelievable beauty around each and every new bend in the road.

After our first visit we returned every chance we got…we came for a month, weeks, weekends, sometimes even for just one day…. we were beckoned and called... we couldn’t stay away.  Finally in 2001 we sold our chain of fast food restaurants and settled into our cozy 1926 cabin.

We had so much fun sharing the beauty and quality of life in this area with family and friends that we opened The Arbor Cabins.  This area speaks to one’s soul and nothing we’ve ever done, including our backgrounds in corporate finance, international marketing communications, public relations, and restaurant ownership brings any more joy and satisfaction than our delightful Arbor Cabins.

Getting on in years, we started a search for the perfect new owners to step in and provide the same level of service and hospitality we’re known for far & wide.  They are there to help you plan your vacation, put together your own dream package, and make your dinner reservations at one of our wonderful restaurants…and so much more!

Come to where you will feel like you’ve unscrewed your head to let stress fly out… won’t be sorry.